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Is your car nothing more than a hunk of twisted metals? No worries. With Pinelands Scrap Car Removal, your scrap car, truck, Ute, 4x4, van or SUV can be disposed of instantly. We offer car owners a way to get rid of their scrap vehicles, without wasting their precious time or hard-earned money. Get a free scrap car removal today. CALL 0467 000 248

Enjoy A Free Scrap Car Removal Darwin

Your car is long past being your pride and joy. Now, the paint is faded, the body dented and dinged, and the engine and its electronics are ready for disposal. It doesn't have a place in the market. None of that will faze us. Just give us a call and we’ll have the scrap car off your hands in no time!

We are the removal company that specialises in not just scrap cars but also trucks, vans, SUVs, 4WDs and buses.

We Provide Same-Day Scrap Car Removals Pinelands

Its metals may be rusted and dull, its interiors have definitely seen better days. It may be past its prime or nearing its end. But there’s a silver lining: there's no need for you to waste money when discarding that unwanted scrap car. Pinelands Car Removal provides quick free car collections. We do this by going to the location of our customers to remove their cars, at no cost to them. That’s right, we provide FREE Car Removals Darwin.

We understand the need for a scrap car removal. Scrap Cars are nothing but eyesores. In days gone past, removing a scrap car from your driveway or garage meant spending money on towing costs and investing time out of your busy schedule to get the job done. With the new trend that Pinelands Scrap Car Removal offers, scrap cars are removed for free. All it takes is one call to us and your scrap car will be towed away in no time!

Our Eco-Friendly Scrap Car Recycling Services

We are the eco-friendly car recyclers that don't leave scrap car owners with the concerns of a typical car disposal. While some removal companies claim to remove scrap cars to recycle, Pinelands Scrap Car Removal is committed to providing our local community with green car recycling. We are 'eco-friendly car recyclers' that offer free car wrecking and recycling services for old, unwanted, damaged and scrap car owners. What's left of the vehicle once we recycle it? Little. We recycle everything from the oil in the vehicle, to its tyres and rims, electronics and of course, the metals of the car.

We offer eco-friendly car recycling that leaves the smallest carbon imprint on the environment. Our green "car recycling includes free car removals Pinelands", so all the way around, car owners can opt for a responsible way to get rid of their car at no cost to them.

Why Choose PS Car Removal?

  • Quick Scrap car removals offered at times convenient for our customers.
  • Free car removals Pinelands Northern Territory
  • Free car recycling
  • Free paperwork

With Pinelands Scrap Car Removal, you have the services you require to discard your scrap car with ease.

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For free towing, wrecking & recycling for your car or truck, contact Pinelands at the number below or via our online form at the top right of this page. CALL us at 0467 000 248

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